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I first fell in love with photography at age 10 when I shot a roll of film with my grandfather's old box brownie camera, I thought it was magic. At 15 I painted my bedroom window black and turned my bedroom into a darkroom, at 16 I stated a photography Cadetship at the local paper then moved onto Sydney's metropolitan dailies where I spent thirty years as a photographer and picture editor. 
Photography has taken me around the world and introduced me to so many interesting people and places from the famous to the infamous. Photography continually changes and I have evolved with it continually taking on new technologies with vigor and anticipation. 
Today I still get great pleasure from this medium whether it's shooting business people, telling people's stories with video or stills, teaching others so that they may receive some of the great pleasure that photography and creating has brought me or exploring the underwater world with my camera.

I love what I do an I would love to spend some time with you to see what we could create together.
Stephen Cooper 
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