Life is short and it’s important to make the most of every moment. Getting your photograph taken can be a daunting thought, so I like to make it a fun experience because the more you enjoy yourself the more I enjoy it and the better the pictures.
With many years of experience, I can say I am an expert in my field. I like to work with business who are experts in their field, as they inspire me to constantly improve, whether that is an entrepreneur or a large company.
I enjoy finding out why you are the best at what you do, collaborating to portray you as confident, approachable and trustworthy. In business today, it is important that your customers know who they are dealing with and it is not enough to be the best, you must show you are the best.
It is my job in a very short time, to connect with the person or people I am photographing, make them feel comfortable in front of the camera and bring out their personality so that they portray confidence, approachability and trustworthiness.
You and your people are your brand and if you value your brand and employees you want to show them off in the best light. I may not be the cheapest but I take pride in every job because I want you to be successful. Whether I am photographing corporate portraits, branding pictures, PR, corporate events, annual reports or underwater photography I approach it with the same amount of care and professionalism.
If you want your public profile to be better please give me a call so we can discuss how best to do that.
I love what I do.
Stephen Cooper Photography
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