Industrial Photography for Sydney Companies
Photography and how the photographs look play an important role in projecting both your image and your company’s. Important things to consider other than good quality of the photographs are your appearance and the background, especially if you want to portray something about your company without using words. Photographs help explain not needed what your company does, and the processes followed, I offer this option of photography known as industrial photography to Sydney-based companies. Let me help you promote your company and what it does through images.
My Photographic Services
With over 20 years in the photographic industry and ongoing learning and experimenting with new photographic equipment, I can assure you that you will not only receive high-quality images but a professional, knowledgeable, and friendly experience too. I capture what you as an individual and your company stand for without the use of words.
I provide corporate photographs of individuals, teams, and editorial-style portraits of your staff around the office. I offer group, portrait, and headshot photographs. I will come to you so I can capture the feel of your company and minimise disruption to your work schedule.
I photograph events, capturing the emotions and energy of the event while recording the celebration and memories for you.
I offer photographic tuition where you can learn how to use your camera more effectively, how to choose the perfect setting and many more tips that will advance your photographic skills.
What You Should Know About Commercial and Industrial Photography
This photography pertains to the industrial and commercial sectors, with photographs that show your company’s products, processes, machinery, technologies, innovations, and the people who bring everything together to make your company what it is. These types of photographs help to represent your company and what it does in an easy-to-understand format.
The manufacturing and industrial sectors can make use of these types of aid in visually explaining the technical aspects of various processes. Examples of where this would be of assistance include dams, tractors, assembly lines, water treatment facilities, and the inner workings of machinery, equipment, appliances, or engines.
In the commercial sector, I capture the essence of what your company does with images such as buildings, models, merchandise, and landscapes you deal with.
I ensure these photographs are of the best quality and in the required formats for use on your website, social media posts, and in marketing material such as magazines, brochures, and print and video advertising.
What You Stand to Gain When You Use Stephen Cooper Photography
I have a portable studio, meaning I come to you. I feel it best to capture you and your staff in the working environment; it also helps with editorial photographs to get the essence of your company. Being a portable studio ensures that I always have all the equipment I need with me, and it makes me the perfect choice to capture your events and for all your industrial photographic needs. I offer photographic classes for beginners to professionals; classes can be tailored to your needs.
Contact me to find out more about my tailored packages for corporate and industrial photographic shoots.

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