Photography has been Stephen's career for more than 20 years as a Walkley Award-winning photographer and Picture Editor for Sydney’s leading daily newspapers.
Now, as a qualified trainer and assessor and working photographer he takes great pleasure in passing on his knowledge so others can experience the joy of photography as he does, or take command of their image presentation for social media and marketing.

Classes are tailored to your needs – for business, personal enjoyment, or both. 
Book classes through the links below or contact Stephen to customise a team building experience, tailored to your needs. 
"Great teacher. Feel I really learnt so much about photography. His depth of experience and communication skills meant that he could explain the most basic and most tricky questions. Would definitely recommend".
Cathy Gill
"Stephen is an excellent instructor. I would highly recommend the SCC lighting course to anyone who wants to understand the fundamentals of lighting. Stephen has put a lot of time and effort into preparing his presentations with some of the best graphics explaining lighting concepts that I have seen. There is plenty of hands-on practical shooting as well, where Stephens many years of working as a professional photographer in the real world help put theory into practice. Thanks Stephen".
David Stelzer
"Stephen spent the morning teaching staff how to better use their cameras, phone cameras and video equipment to maximum advantage.
I could not recommend Stephen more highly".
Adrienne R

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