Underwater Portrait Photography
When you hear the words portrait photography, you may think of a person on a clean background, looking tidy from the waist up, all while keeping a wide smile. It seems that traditional portraits have a new kid on the block.
It is time to introduce you to underwater portrait photography. Yes, Stephen Cooper Photography is offering the opportunity to get your very own underwater portrait, that is, if you don’t mind the “getting under the water” part.
What Sets Stephen Cooper Photography Apart From Other Underwater Photographers
Naturally, you'd want to use the best photography professional your money can buy. How does a person tell if a photographer knows his trade?
When it comes to the photography’s art and science, experience counts and should always be factored into your considerations. An experienced photographer would have already made the mistakes that rookies are likely to make at your shoot. Do you want to take this risk? Stephen Cooper has twenty years in the photography business.
A professional photographer is passionate about his art. To be a professional photographer, it takes much dedication and persistence to achieve high-quality image results. I am passionate about underwater photography and have all the skills to deliver your remarkable underwater portrait.
Another point to add could be: I am a qualified freediver and rescue scuba diver on how to guide my clients to get the shot they want. I always work towards completing the shoot efficiently and as painlessly as possible.
What You Should Know About Underwater Photography
What advice can an underwater photographer give to a potential client?
Underwater portraits are, in a way, like environmental portraits. Environmental portraits are just that - a portrait that shows your environment. In this case, your environment is water. Underwater portraits are a unique and stunning genre of portraiture that steps away from all portrait cliches. Get ready to dive into some unusual fun.
You will need to be comfortable with water for the best results. Capturing a compelling portrait is different under the water. The more comfortable you are with the effort required for underwater photographs, the better the outcome. I will guide you through all the requirements and show you the techniques to get a pleasurable experience and satisfying portrait image.
A shoot underwater involves being or in an indoor pool, and light is an integral part of a successful portrait session. Light can be affected by the weather, both positively and negatively. Sometimes calls on light situations can only be made on the day, and shoots may be rescheduled. Luckily this does not happen if careful planning is applied. Let me personalise your underwater portrait experience in a manner that avoids all potential disappointments.
About Stephen Cooper Photography
As an award-winning professional photographer, I have been trading in images for some of the leading media titles in Sydney for over twenty years. I invite you to share in all those years of invaluable on-the-job learning, service, and achievements with me and create something unique.
Please contact me to get a free quotation and ideas on how my team and I can serve you, the individual, or your corporate company.

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