AT age 15, I painted my windows black and converted my bedroom into a homemade darkroom. I wanted nothing more than to make photography my career. I realised that dream, and I still have that same enthusiasm today.
The photographic medium has and is constantly changing, and I embrace evolving with it, continually pushing the boundaries to achieve more.
My photographic career has taken me around the world, high in the sky, under oceans, and into people's homes as a Walkley Award-winning photographer for Sydney’s leading daily newspapers for over 20 years.
With a love of the ocean, I pursued underwater photography and underwater portraiture.
After many years in frontline media, I headed up Stephen Cooper Photography, my photography, videography and image creation consultancy. Also, bring expertise in social media, marketing, business and teaching.
In early 2022 I joined Hero Shot Photography as a Senior Photographer specialising in corporate, headshot, and branding photography.
Let’s see what we can create together.
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