We start with the end in mind

We ask the question. What do you want to achieve?
If you have an image of what you want to achieve, we create images to help you achieve that. 
We are in the business of creating images to improve your image. 
Clients like to see who they are dealing with and if your image is not professional, you will be perceived as unprofessional.  First impressions count.
At Stephen Cooper Photography we strive to portray our customers as authentic, professional, approachable and trustworthy in everything they do. If this is how you want to be perceived, you have come to the right place.

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ShowcaseYour Business In The Right Light With Corporate Photography Sydney
If you’re running a business, it’s vital to portray yourself to your future customers optimally with my corporate photography in Sydney. I understand that every business photography session requires a unique approach, and I will work closely with you to find the right one. Choose Stephen Cooper Photography and showcase your business in the best light possible.
Benefits of Choosing My Team for Your Corporate Headshots in Sydney
I’ve amassed a beautiful portfolio over my years of doing corporate photography, and I believe that every session honed my skills. If you require a reason to why I believe I am the ideal photographer for your corporate headshot requirements, consider the following benefits I provide to all my clients:
I have more than 20 years of industry experience. I have worked with many clients, all with unique requirements regarding expressing their business through photography. I worked closely with them to help find the ideal angle before capturing and giving them exceptional quality photos to represent their business.
I have a portable studio so that I can meet you at any location. Having a mobile studio makes my services so much more accessible to everyone, which I’ve always kept in mind. My team and I can meet you at your business location – or anywhere else for that matter – which means you get to choose the ideal backdrop for any of our sessions. If you feel your requirements are complex or involved, please discuss how my team can accommodate you.
I work efficiently so that you can get back to your work. I understand that extensive photography sessions can eat into your business time, but with my experience in the field, you can trust that I work efficiently and effectively without compromising quality.. You don’t have to worry about me taking a sizeable portion of your workday. I get in, set everything up, take the photos to your satisfaction, and get out of your way. It’s that simple.
I offer free quotes. When you consider our services as a corporate portrait photographer, you don’t have to commit to anything upfront. I can provide an accurate quote so that you know precisely how much the session will cost before you make any final decisions.
Consider Why You Should Reach Out for Corporate Headshot Photography
If you’re considering my services for a professional corporate photo session, it’s likely that you’ve also considered other photographers. To help you better understand why I believe we could work together, bear in mind the following common signs that you specifically need someone that is proficient at corporate photos:
Photography is not simply point and shoot. Any experienced photographer will have knowledge of taking specific types of photos, and one size seldom fits all. If you need photographs for your business or staff, it’s best to go with someone who has ample experience working with companies helping them showcase themselves properly. I have a beautiful portfolio available to everyone if you want more ideas about the type of results I provide.
You want a photographer that can work with you and provide flexible services. If you require an extensive shoot to cover all angles, want different setups, distinct types of photos, or more, I can help. During my quoting process, I work closely with you to precisely understand what you need from me, how I can best deliver to those requirements, and how to provide alternatives should your needs be complex.
You want an experienced photographer that works efficiently. I have done many corporate shoots and can promise a level of quality that will satisfy any photographic requirements of any business. Choosing to work with an inexperienced team might end up saving you a little money, but you also risk getting shoddy results which require you to get everything redone.
About Me and My Services as a Corporate Photographer in Sydney
I started my photography career, working with newspapers and other agencies to provide captivating imagery to my clients. I am now running my own successful business, providing exceptional quality photos resulting from years of training and meticulous attention to detail. I believe in improving my craft wherever possible and love any opportunity to provide clients with images that represent them and their business in the best light.
Having a corporate headshot photographer that understands the differences between a portrait meant to hang on the wall of your home and an image meant to represent the best of your business in a single frame is where you get your money’s worth.
Call me today and book a session with me to represent your business uniquely and professionally.

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